Cadbury World (1 mile)

1 mile (2 minute drive) from The Beeches
Tours of the Cadbury factory had always been popular and perhaps a little disruptive, so in 1988 planning began for a purpose built visitor centre. Located next to the factory, Cadbury World opened in 1990 and in the first year attracted over 350,000 visitors.

Enjoy a fun filled and varied day out at Cadbury World where you can all experience all aspects of chocolate making and the Cadbury story. You can also travel back in time to the Aztec Jungle where you can walk through the tropical rain forests of the Mayan Indians. You’ll discover how chocolate was central to their culture and you can see the Aztec Emperor Montezuma whose favourite drink was Chocolati.

Live demonstrations of chocolate making are available; you can even have a go yourself. You can visit Bull Street where John Cadbury opened his first shop in 1824. Alternatively you can let your imagination run riot in the Purple Planet. Chase a Cadbury Cream Egg, grow your own cocoa beans and wonder in amazement as it rains virtual chocolate.

Cadbury World is open on most days but opening times do vary depending on the time of year, so it’s best to check beforehand on Whenever you decide to go, you and your family will have a great day out. [Image Source: Cadbury World by Elliot Brown under Creative Commons Licence – image cropped]