Aylesbury Waterside Theatre (10 miles)

10 miles (20 minute drive) from Chartridge Lodge. The Aylesbury Waterside Theatre opened in October 2010 seeing the start of the regeneration of Aylesbury town centre. Designed by world renowned architects Arts Team, the undulating roof reflects the shape of the neighbouring Chiltern Hills and the use of timber columns is reminiscent of the surrounding woodland. For the technically minded the acoustics include a Carmen electrostatic enhancement system which gives an outstanding reverberant sound for symphonic and choral performances.

A wide range of entertainment is on offer at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Bolshoi Ballet to The Neil Diamond Story and comedian Jimmy Carr. There is ample parking with over 1,600 spaces within easy walking distance at the Walton Street and Upper Hundreds car park. [Image Source: skiffle band by Eljay under Creative Commons Licence – image cropped]